Non resident dinner reservations

We are open for Dinner ( from €65  ) and Sunday Lunch ( €60 per person, €35 12 years and under  ) on the dates listed below. Prior reservation is essential. Please call 045 403112 or Contact Us via this link.  

Sunday Lunch: Dates for Sunday Lunch are in bold.  FB = Fully booked.


October: 1st (FB) 8th (FB) 26th 

November: 4th & 17th 

December : 7th 8th & 16th 

January : Closed

February : Dates to be adivsed  

March : Dates to be adivsed 

April: 30th 

May: 1st & 2nd 

June:  Dates to be adivsed 

July : Dates to be advised 

August : Dates to be advised    

September : Dates to be advised  


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