Alternate Accommodation

Congratulations you have been invited to attend a wedding at Rathsallagh House and we very much look forward to welcoming you. On this page you will find all the information on local B&B's and Hotels and on Taxi's and transport to and from local B&B's and Hotels. 

Local B&Bs and Hotels

There are a number of local B&B’s in the area and also a number of Hotels within a 20-minute drive. For a list of local accommodation please Contact us 

The local accommodation providers on our B&B List have agreed to offer guests attending functions at Rathsallagh complimentary transport from the B&B to Rathsallagh on the day of the event or transport back to Rathsallagh the following day to pick up your car.  This service is strictly by prior arrangement directly with the B&B provider.

Please note that this B&B List is provided by Rathsallagh purely to assist you in finding alternative local accommodation, it is not to be construed as a recommendation under any circumstances.   We would encourage you to do your own research to satisfy yourself with standards prior to booking. Please note that the wait list for unallocated rooms at Rathsallagh house opens 3 weeks before the event date.


Taxi Transport to and from local B&B's and Hotels

Where the Bridal Party is aware that guests are using off site accommodation they may arrange a Taxi / Shuttle Service to take guests back to local B&B’s. The service normally runs from 12.30am to 3.30am , the B&B’s that are covered by this service are Listed Here. If you wish to depend on this service to get back to your accommodation please do check in advance that the service is in fact operating for your particular event. Click Here for our Taxi list. 

If you are using other alternative accommodation which is not on our  B&B List , it is advisable to arrange transport back to that accommodation well in advance.  Rathsallagh is in a rural location and booking Taxis late / at the last minute is extremely difficult and sometimes simply not possible.

Please see our list of Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

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